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On this page you'll find Teachers Notes and accompanying Classroom Activities for What Could it Be?.

This book can be used in whole class, small group or independent learning activities. When enjoyed as a whole class, it works best to focus on the creative/imaginative aspect of the book. The finding/counting of the shapes works best in small groups and independent activities. If you would like to find and count the shapes in a whole class setting then using the e-book version with a projector will provide a larger image to make finding those tiny hidden shapes easier. The e-book can be purchased here.

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Teachers Notes and Activities

Teachers Notes Click Here
All 7 Shape Templates - Small Click Here
All 7 Shape Templates - Large Click Here
Discussion Questions (BLM1) Click Here
Speech Bubbles (BLM2) Click Here
Cloze (BLM3) Click Here
Rhyming Words Games (BLM4) Click Here
Character Profile (BLM5) Click Here
Colouring In A4 (BLM6) Click Here
Geometric Shapes (BLM7) Click Here
Rule of Thirds (BLM8) Click Here