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by Megha on What Could It Be

"when I turned the first page I saw some very interesting illustrations. I never considered my leg is a cylinder … a bee hive has lots of hexagons …" reviewed by Megha (age 6)

by Child Magazines on What Could It Be

"your child is invited to find hidden shapes in the beautifully detailed illustrations...The interactive final page invites your children to create their own illustrations, inspired by geometric shapes with other children and author herself"

by Otago Daily Telegraph on What Could It Be

“A great resource for the home or early childhood centre”

by The Daily Telegraph on What Could It Be
The Daily Telegraph

"This is a creative, amusing and intriguing book... The writer is a teacher and her experience with young children is evident throughout the book."

by The Bottom Shelf on What Could It Be
The Bottom Shelf reviews What Could it Be?

“Using repetitive text, rhyme and rhythm she invites the young reader to not only be more perceptive but also to use their imaginations, encouraging them to look more closely and think more carefully. There are circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, ovals, and octagons everywhere, both natural and man-made, that, after sharing the book, makes the urge to go on a shape-walk around the home, classroom or school irresistible.”

by West Australian on What Could It Be
West Australian

"readers are asked to find shapes in busy but beautiful settings, meaning there are plenty of challenges for older children to enjoy while reading to young 'uns in the household. A treasure to return to over and again."

by Penelope Pratley on What Could It Be
Eye spy a great book

It was with great delight that I sat with my daughter to read 'What could it be'. My early reader enjoyed the repetitive phrasing and reading it to me. This is the perfect book for the parent and child to read together. It is so much fun to pause and think 'What could it be?' and imagine how the many different shapes could be used before turning to the gorgeous double page illustrations. We challenged each other to see who could spot the biggest shape, the smallest shape, the bluest shape etc. We were soon tallying totals (at one point 400 squares) and were amazed at the amount of detail Sally Fawcett has managed to include in her gorgeous picture book.

by Reading Time on What Could It Be
Reading Time

"This book will especially absorb young children who like the challenge of careful observation in order to identify 'hidden' shapes."

by Hip Little One on What Could It Be

As a teacher and a mum Sally Fawcett knows exactly how to get young minds working and how to put smiles on little faces so it is no surprise her beautiful picture book ticks all the boxes.

by bronwyn on What Could It Be
what could it be

Such a fabulous book! My children love it. They thought of so many possibilities using this book. Their imaginations went into overdrive, and what beautiful illustrations.

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